About The Double Glazing Fund

Thanks for checking out my website. I’m Edward, a freelancer from Nottingham in the UK who helps people with website development and online marketing (mainly search engine optimisation).

I moved house around a year ago into a great house, but unfortunately not all of the windows are double glazed. I don’t really understand how much money it will cost, but I figure that it will be fairly expensive, so to raise the money for it I came up with this website. All of the windows that need replacing are sash windows, which I have been told by a few people are more expensive. Great.

It’s quite simple really... The idea of this website is to find more work eg web development work and online marketing clients in order to buy some new windows!

Maybe listening to this song all those years ago planted the seed?!

What will I do when I have replaced my windows?

I’m not too sure about that one.. I suppose that this website/concept could always be turned into something similar. Off the top of my head I’m thinking, thenewcarproject.co.uk, areallyniceholidayproject.co.uk and so on.

I can cross that bridge at the time... if it ever comes around...

In the meantime, you can check out my other website which features places to go fishing in Nottingham.

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This isn't peopleperhour.com - If you want to build the next facebook for $25 then you had better go back and check out some more people on there...