The Windows in My House

My flat in Nottingham currently has 4 sash windows and one skylight that need replacing. There is some good news - the living room and bathroom already have new double glazed windows which were installed by the people who lived here before.

The Kitchen

Kitchen Window

The condensation on this window drives me nuts... Each time I cook anything it steams up!

My Bedroom

Bedroom 1

This is one of the windows in my room.

Next to my bed

Bedroom 1

This is another window in my room that's next to my bed.

Where I work..

Bedroom 2

This is the room where I sit doing most of my work, so I spend quite a bit of time in here.

Skylight Window

Skylight in the Hall

This is a skylight that is in the hall.

The Living Room

Living Room

This is the warmest room in the house, this one already has double glazing!

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