Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process that aims to make your website rank higher in the search engines. You might think that when you search for the name of your website and it's number 1 that you are doing ok, but there is probably a lot more web traffic that you could benefit from.

Ideally, your website should be appearing for a wide range of keywords, not just ones that are specific to your company name or brands. If you own a boiler repair company in Nottingham called "Daves Boiler Repairs" then your site should really rank first for "daves boiler repairs" due to it being so specific. Through SEO you would expect your site to start ranking for terms like:

The process of SEO may sound very complicated, but it is possible to break it down into a number of key areas:

Recent changes to the way that Google assesses websites has put a focus on additional elements such as website usability, design and speed. If your site looks like a dogs dinner, loads slowly and is confusing to use then you are in trouble. However, the good news is, all of these are pretty easy to fix!

I have around 5 years SEO experience working on a very wide range of websites. If you would like some specific examples or trade references then I would be happy to pass on contact details of people I have worked with.

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