Why Do I Need Double Glazing?

The main reason for wanting to install double glazed windows is to make my house warmer and also to help reduce the heating bills. I currently live on my own, so anything that will help save money is generally a good thing!

Save Money on Heating Bills

Most of the research I have read claims that double glazing can help reduce heating costs by around 50%. I think my gas and electricity bills average at around £100 a month, so reducing this could be a significant saving.

As I mentioned on the my windows page some rooms in my house are already double glazed. There is a fairly noticeable difference in temperature as you walk between rooms, which fits in with the research about reducing heat loss.

Carbon Footprint

My house isn't particularly cold, but if it was better at retaining heat then there would be less reliance on heating. If I used the heating less then that would reduce the impact on the environment... I've got no idea how that's calculated though but I'd guess it's pretty minor.


The most annoying thing about my windows in the winter is the condensation. Going round wiping the windows each day is a right faff.

Here's a very rough calculation if how long it takes:

Thats 546 minutes over a 6 month period (eg October to April) which is over 9 hours.

I have a dehumidifier which helps reduce the condensation, not having to use this so much would also help reduce the electricity bills.


Double Glazing also significantly reduces the noise from traffic outside. I live on one of the main routes into the city centre so there is always traffic noise and sirens.

Some of the window ledges in my house get a bit grimey and I have to clean them quite often. Windows that seal better should help keep out whatever traffic fumes end up in here, which must be a good thing.

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